Product Image (132)

Amplatz Super Stiff

Price: 3.600 USD ($)/Piece

Amplatz Super Stiff Guidewire Boston ScientificAmplatz Super Stiff Guidewire. Boston Scientific s Amplatz Guidewire is a stainless steel wire with a flat wire coil and PTFE coating. It is available in a variety

Product Image (8049)

Medtronic Disposable Inflation Device

Price: 2599 USD ($)/Piece

The Everest Disposable Inflation Device offers a simple solution for balloon inflation. ... Everest20 Survival Kit: Everest20 inflation device, 3-way stopcock, Piton Y-Adapter, metal guidewire insertion tool and torque handle. ... Everest30 Survival Kit: Everest30 inflation device, 3-way ...

Product Image (134)

Quantum Maverick Balloon Catheter

Price: 5999 USD ($)/Piece

Two high performance technologies QUANTUM LEAP Balloon Material and our MAVERICK Catheter shaft platform unite in the QUANTUM MAVERICK Balloon Catheter to provide a high dilatation force balloon with exceptional deliverability Laser bonded MAVERICK Catheter shaft technology designed to improve trackability and crossability through low profiles, smooth transitions and superb flexibility TrakTip Design and Selective Cone Thinning intended to provide exceptional tip flexibility QUANTUM LEAP Balloon Material provides Hinge Balloon Compliance and lower growth at high pressures Broad size selection allows for more precise dilatation.

Product Image (8051)

Medtronic Octopus

Price: 75000 USD ($)/Piece

Octopus tissue stabilizers ts2000/t2500 our newest generation tissue stabilizer features automatic pod spread for effective visualization. summaryoctopus evolution as the next generation tissue stabilizer

Product Image (824)

TR Band

Price: 949 USD ($)/Piece
  • Drug Type:Other Types
  • Function:Other
  • Physical Form:Other
  • Quantity:1 Pieces
  • Recommended For:HOSPITAL
  • Storage Instructions:NORMAL
  • Delivery Time:7 Days
  • Supply Ability:7 Per Day
Product Image (135)

Flextome Cutting Balloon

Price: 40000 USD ($)/Piece

The Cutting Balloon Device is a proven tool for the mechanical challenges of complex lesions that are often resistant to conventional balloon angioplasty. Treat.

Product Image (8057)

EMPIRA PTCA Balloons Cordis

Price: 5199 USD ($)/Piece

EMPIRA PTCA Balloons - CordisEMPIRA Pre Dilatation and Post Dilatation PTCA Balloons catheters helps you reach and treat a wide range of lesions with exceptional crossability

Product Image (829)

Surgical Ethicon

Price: 23000 USD ($)/Piece

1952 Ethicon SURGICEL 1952, 1952, Loose knit of oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC) . Remove any excess before surgical closure in order to facilitate absorption and minimize the Ethicon 1952 Surgicel Absorbable Hemostat, 4 x 8, 24Cs

Product Image (140)

Filter Wire Largevessel

Price: 60.000 USD ($)/Piece
  • Supply Ability:7 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:7 Days
  • Storage Instructions:Normal
  • Function:Other
  • Dosage:As per doctor prescribed
  • Physical Form:Other
  • Dosage Guidelines:As per doctor prescribed
  • Quantity:1 Pieces
  • Drug Type:Other Types
  • Suitable For:Suitable For All
Product Image (910)

Whisper Extra Support Guide Wire

Price: 2700 USD ($)/Piece

Guide Wires Abbott CARDIOVASCULAR Abbott guidewires Explore Abbott s growing portfolio of Workhorse and Specialty guide wires. guide wires are designed to be flexible, have a soft tip, and provide enough support to Enhanced Distal Support Compared to HI TORQUE WHISPER MS Refer to the device label for any additional product specific indications that may apply. Abbott Vascular Guide Wires AWSentp tender production.s3. assets PDFinjury than a guide wire with a more HI TORQUE WHISPER ExTRA SUPPORT Extra Support guide wires are designed to provide additional support for.

Product Image (156)

Visipaque product

Price: 1499 USD ($)/Piece

VISIPAQUE Injection is provided as a ready to use sterile, pyrogen-free, colorless to pale yellow solution, in concentrations of 270 and 320 mg of organically VISIPAQUE 320 prescription and dosage sizes information for physicians and healthcare professionals. Pharmacology, adverse reactions, warnings and side

Product Image (141)

PVA Embolization

Price: 8999 USD ($)/Piece

Contour PVA Embolization Particles Boston ScientificPVA Foam Embolization Particles Cook Medical embolization of the blood supply to hypervascular tumors and arteriovenous malformations, including use in intracranial embolization variety of particulate agents have been used to perform portal venous embolization, including Gelfoam, polyvinyl alcohol, and tris acryl microspheres.

Product Image (8052)

Avanti Transradial Kit

Price: 850 USD ($)/Piece

Owing to our immense market knowledge, we are able to offer excellent quality Avanti Surgical Catheter.

Product Image (8062)

Jelco Needle - Smith and Medical

Price: 75 USD ($)/Piece

Search ResultsWeb results Jelco IV Catheter - Smiths Medical JELCO IV CATHETER 18G X 45MM (4034) - MedsmartClearNeedle Jelco Needle 18G Rd Hub Jelco I.V. Catheters, Cannula, IV Catheters, Intravenous ...

Product Image (8066)

Jelco Disposable Needle 22g

Price: 44 USD ($)/Piece

Search ResultsWeb results Jelco IV Catheter 22G x 1 Inch Needle Smiths Medical ...Jelco IV Catheter 22G x 1 Inch Needle Smiths Medical SF4050- Box/50. Standard Straight Hub Peripheral IV Catheters. Blue Hub.

Product Image (146)

Skin Stapler WECK

Price: 400 USD ($)/Piece

Visistat Skin Stapler US TeleflexThe Weck Visistat Skin Stapler from Teleflex meets the surgeon s need for an easy to use instrument with quality performance for external skin closure. Skin Stapling India

Product Image (8070)

A V Fistulla Needle

Price: 39 USD ($)/Piece

We have positioned a distinguished niche in industry just because of our capability of making a highly qualitative range of Fistula Needle available to customers.

Product Image (8072)

Transducer Protector

Price: 24 USD ($)/Piece

Product Description: An Optimum Compromise between competing Factors. Where a balance between: Flexibility & firmness. Softness and anti kinking. Material and durability. Size and flow. Features: Efficient Filter PTFE Membrane 0.05Um Accuracy Smallest Size Packing Efficient Filter for Blood Transfusion

Product Image (147)

Horizon Ligating Clip

Price: 6200 USD ($)/Piece

PDFHome Ligation Systems Horizon Metal Ligation System Clips HorizonTitanium Ligating Clips Description: MediumLarge, 6 clips/cartridge, Teleflex Weck 003200 Horizon Ligating Clips, Medium

Product Image (914)

Xience Prime Coronary Stent

Price: 23499 USD ($)/Piece

xienceAdvancing Superior Outcomes Introducing XIENCE PRIME The next generation in the XIENCE family engineered to deliver the superior outcomes of XIENCE V. With the same efficacious low dose Everolimus, biocompatible fluorinated copolymer, and enhanced Cobalt Chromium MULTI LINK 8 design, superiority* is in its very nature.

Product Image (3061)

Bicontact Universal Hip System

Price: 2299 USD ($)/Piece

System for all indications in hip arthroplasty

Product Image (6018)

Synthetic Fabric Patch

Price: 1500 USD ($)/Piece

Surgiwear G Patch Large GP02 Synthetic Fabric Our Products Wholesaler of Synthetic Fabric Patch Surgiwear G Patch Large GP02 Synthetic Fabric Patch offered by Friend Surgical, Amritsar, Punjab. Thickness 0.5mm

Product Image (3433)

Freedom 5

Price: 2899 USD ($)/Piece

Ease of use Available with slip and lock connections Familiar connections mean there is no need to change established habits when switching to NRFit devices Introducer has an ergonomic hub for easy handling.

Product Image (105)

Fubuki Long Sheath

Price: 15000 USD ($)/Piece

long sheath flexibility vsoft tip and flexible distal shaft minimize vessel injury pushability well balanced shaft with increased rigidity

Product Image (8050)

DxTerity Diagnostic Catheter

Price: 1100 USD ($)/Piece

Now you can get the performance and versatility to take on your most challenging cases. DxTerity catheters are optimized for radial and femoral procedures1, and feature the same design innovations found in our market-leading guide catheters.

Product Image (107)

Asahi Fielder XT Guide Wire

Price: 7000 USD ($)/Piece

ASAHI INTECC More Detailed Information of Products No whip It provides better control ability by fixing guide wire tip to the right direction. A guide wire is knuckled and pushed into a simulated artery but Fielder XT Guide Wire Components Asahi tip diameters based on published data information on file at Abbott ASAHI FIELDE XT maintains a softer tip

Product Image (909)

Bmw Universal II Guide Wire

Price: 2699 USD ($)/Piece

HI TORQUE BMW Guide Wire Has Two Coatings for Easier The HI TORQUE Balance Middle Weight BMW Universal II Guide Wire offers the same performance of Abbott s HT BMW UNIVERSAL wire, but includes the two 1009664 Abbott Hi Torque Balance Middleweight BMW Universal Guide Wire 0.014 x 190cm, Straight. Expired Abbott Guide Wires. Sign in to add this PTCA GUIDE WIRE BMW ABBOTT Marlins GUIDE WIRE BMW ABBOTT . The HI TORQUE BALANCE MIDDLEWEIGHT ELITE guide wire is designed for a powerful combination of torque and durability.

Product Image (913)

NC Traveler Balloon

Price: 3800 USD ($)/Piece

NC TRAVELER BALLOON ABBOTT. NC TRAVELER BALLOON ABBOTT. NC TRAVELER BALLOON. Prominent & Leading Wholesale Trader from New Delhi, we offer Abbott Hi-torque Pilot 200 Guide Wire, NC Traveler Balloon, Xience Pro Coronary Stent, PTCA

Product Image (921)

Cross IT 300

Price: 2899 USD ($)/Piece

Hi Torque Winn Guide Wires CARDIOVASCULAR AbbottCross. Winn. A family of specialty guide wires designed for crossing complex lesionsThe Hi Torque Winn wires come in lengths of 190 cm and 300 cm

Product Image (919)

Tyshak Ii Balloon

Price: 38000 USD ($)/Piece

Search ResultsWeb results Tyshak & Tyshak II B. Braun Interventional Systems NuMED Tyshak II Page NuMED, Inc.The TYSHAK II PTV balloon is super thin for a low deflated profile that maintains tip flexibility. The exceptionally low profile balloon requires the smallest .The TYSHAK II catheter is a coaxially constructed catheter with a distally mounted non-compliant balloon. The catheter exhibits an extremely low profile that he TYSHAK II balloon catheter is a coaxially constructed catheter with a distally mounted non-compliant balloon. The catheter exhibits an extremely low profile Tyshak II Specifically for children The Tyshak II was specifically designed for paediatric cardiology. The streamlined balloon and very slim shaft causes

Product Image (8025)

Denali Vena Cava Filter

Price: 51999 USD ($)/Piece

Denali Vena Cava Filter Bard has joined BD C.R. Bard en US Products Denali Vena Ca... About Denali Vena Cava Filter. Denali Vena Cava Filter completely redesigned Bard Filter with advanced filter technology to help prevent movement, tilt and ...

Product Image (933)

Glide Sheath Slender Introducer Sheath

Price: 1799 USD ($)/Piece

GLIDESHEATH SLENDER Hydrophilic Coated Introducer .The Glidesheath Slender Sheath is the only thin wall sheath that demonstrated best in class performance in all of the American Heart Association s identified . expanding transradial access for more patients Terumo PDFreduces the outside diameter of the introducer sheath by one. Fr size while maintaining larger inner diameter equivalent. GLIDESHEATH SLENDER sheaths.

Product Image (828)

Harmonic Hp Blue

Price: 79999 USD ($)/Piece

Reusable hand pieces which contain piezoelectric transducers that convert electronic energy into ultrasonic vibration to power HARMONIC Devices. The HARMONIC BLUE Hand Piece is used with HARMONIC FOCUS+ and HARMONIC SYNERGY Blade product lines. The HARMONIC Hand Piece is used with HARMONIC ACE+7 Shears and HARMONIC ACE+ Shears product line as well as laparoscopic blades. HARMONIC HD 1000i Shears do not require a hand piece.

Product Image (8058)

Cordis Brite Tip Sheath

Price: 2700 USD ($)/Piece

Brite tip. Flexibility and control. Kink resistant cannula. Unique dual layer ... distal tip. Excellent visualization facilitates exact location of sheaths distal tip for ... we reserve the right to change product specifications without prior notification.. Radiopaque BRITE TIP.

Product Image (143)

Intra Aortic Balloon Pump 40CC

Price: 33999 USD ($)/Piece

Intra Aortic Balloon Catheters US TeleflexMEGA 7.5Fr. 8Fr. AB Catheters GetingePrinciples of intra aortic balloon pump counterpulsation BJA Larger volume balloons like MEGA displace more blood in the aorta during diastole, volume MEGA 7.5 Fr. 30 cc and 40 cc IAB, theres now a balloon that delivers

Product Image (835)

Endovascular Snare System

Price: 29000 USD ($)/Piece

EN Snare Endovascular Snare System with Kink ResistanceEN Snare Merit Medical Systems PDF Catalogs ...Thrombectomy snare EN Snare Merit Medical Systems The EN Snare Endovascular Snare System is designed with three interlaced loops to retrieve and manipulate foreign objects in the body. The EN Snare can be ... EN Snare

Product Image (8069)


Price: 299 USD ($)/Piece

MANIFOLD DR SURGOCAL 2 WAY 3 WAY Smooth- turning handles. Large internal lumen (2.3mm diameter) for high flow rates. All items are sterile. 1050 psi pressure rating. Right rotating male luer

Product Image (167)

Trop T Sensitive

Price: 1749 USD ($)/Piece

Roche cardiac Troponin T sensitive test visualAssay specifications Detection Qualitative detection of troponin in anticoagulated EDTA or heparin venous whole blood Reaction time 15 minutes Results.Roche Trop T Sensitive USL Medical

Product Image (101)

Fielder FC Asahi

Price: 4499 USD ($)/Piece

Fielder FC 180 300cm Straight and J Tip coating over the shaft Polymer sleeve length 20cm, PTFE coating over the shaft Spring Coil 11cm Tip Radiopacity 3cm

Product Image (8005)

Endoscopic Multiple Clip Applier

Price: 9799 USD ($)/Piece

LIGAMAX 5 Endoscopic Clip Applier - J&J Medical DevicesLIGAMAX(TM)5 Endoscopic Multiple Clip Applier - Excess .

Product Image (810)

Oxygenator FX05

Price: 23500 USD ($)/Piece

CAPIOX FX Oxygenator Terumo Europe en emea products capio A 32 screen filter surrounds the fiber layer of the oxygenator. Particulate Family of Hollow Fiber Oxygenators. A 32 screen Capiox FX05 Oxygenator

Product Image (8056)

Femoral Sheath

Price: 750 USD ($)/Piece

The femoral sheath is a structure within bilateral femoral triangles. The femoral sheath contains the femoral vein, artery, and lymphatics. The Cordis sheath portfolio is comprised of the AVANTI Sheath Introducer and the BRITE TIP Interventional Sheath Introducer.

Product Image (808)

Runthrough Ns Guide Wire

Price: 4499 USD ($)/Piece

Runthrough NS represents your PTCA guidewire family to cross any workhorse or challenging case. Runthrough NS guidewire family is intended for use in interventional cardiology procedures. Characteristics The Duo Core direct joint technology of Runthrough NS family delivers denitive torque response and easier, more exible steering control1 The directly jointed stainless steel and nitinol shaft provides a superior torque transmission2 The nitinol alloy core to tip ensures a superior durable shaping memory3 The M Coat hydrophilic coating enables smooth manipulation even in tortuous anatomy

Product Image (8030)

Sprinter Legend Balloon

Price: 5000 USD ($)/Piece

The Sprinter Legend RX Semicompliant Balloon Dilation Catheter works for coronary angioplasty procedures to control narrowed parts of a coronary artery that have been harmed by coronary atherosclerosis.

Product Image (806)

Heart Rail Catheters

Price: 4799 USD ($)/Piece

A family of radial specific catheters that provides enhanced back up support in comparison to standard femoral guiding catheter shapes resulting in simplified procedures.

Product Image (8035)

Cougar XT Wire

Price: 3499 USD ($)/Piece

Cougar Guidewire offers performance and support required for the most challenging cases. Nitinol Workhorse Guidewire Trackability For Distal And Tortuous Access

Product Image (8010)

Double Lumen Hemodialysis Catheter Kit

Price: 9999 USD ($)/Piece

2-Lumen Hemodialysis Catheterization Kits by Teleflex Medical. Click to enlarge. ... CATHETER 12 FR DOUBLE LUMEN CVC, 5/CS. ARW25142CDC, KIT ...

Product Image (6007)

Intro-Flex Sheath

Price: 3799 USD ($)/Piece

Edwards Lifesciences Intro Flex Introducers Sheath. ... A comprehensive range of insertion trays make the Intro Flex introducer a welcome ...Edwards Lifesciences, Edwards, the stylized E logo and. Intro Flex are trademarks of Edwards Lifesciences Corporation. AMC Thromboshield is a trademark

Product Image (929)

Abbott Mini Trek Balloon Catheter

Price: 3800 USD ($)/Piece

Introducing TREK, a revolutionary family of balloons, redesigned from tip to hub to deliver outstanding performance in complex and challenging cases. Experience the ultra low profiles of TREK and MINI TREK and how a transitionless design can provide exceptional control when accessing lesions.

Product Image (8046)

Survival Kit Medtronic

Price: 3000 USD ($)/Piece

Because of our dexterous team of professionals, we are involved in providing a wide array of Everest Disposable Inflation Device.

Product Image (139)

TRUEtome Cannulating Sphincterotome

Price: 12000 USD ($)/Piece

Sphincterotomes All Specialties Boston en US products The Cannulating Sphincterotome is for physicians who prefer using an over the wire guidewire for ERCP Boston Scientific is dedicated to transforming

Product Image (838)

Micro Nester Embolization Coil

Price: 9000 USD ($)/Piece

Pushable coils Cook Medicalht cook products Cook Coils are intended for venous and arterial embolization in the peripheral vasculature. Nester Embolization Coils and Microcoils. widest range of diameters

Product Image (151)

Horizon Ligating Clips

Price: 10999 USD ($)/Piece

Titanium ligating clips REF 001205 SIZE Small Wide clips cartridg 24 cartridges box 25 clips box 600 Adhesive Cartridge Style Ligating Clip Horizon Titanium Small Red Clip 24 Clips Teleflex Medical 001205 They are available with us in Small wide Red and medium Blue sizes. WECK HORIZON TITANIUM LIGATING CLIPS RED, BLUE 1 Box.14250 SMAL LWIDE RED, REF-001205

Product Image (108)


Price: 4399 USD ($)/Piece

sahi Sion Blue PTCA Guide Wire Asahi. Equipment GUIDEWIRES PTCA Guidewires Asahi. Asahi Sion Blue Videos with Asahi Sion Blue Sion Blue PTCA Guide Wire suppliers We are the perfect ones and capable of fulfilling bulk orders Features 0.014 guide wire 0.5 gf tip load 1.5 cm hydrophobic tip coating 18.5 cm hydrophilic coating20 cm spring coil length 3 cm

Product Image (110)

Asahi Grand Slam Guide Wire

Price: 5199 USD ($)/Piece

AG141002 Asahi Grand Slam Guide Wire 0.014 180cm ASAHI PTCA GUIDE WIRES are intended to facilitate the placement of balloon dilatation catheters

Product Image (111)

Extension 165cm Asahi

Price: 4099 USD ($)/Piece

Specifications Asahi Extension 165cm. Diameter 0.36mm (0.014inch) Length 165cm ASAHI Miracle series ASAHI MIRACLEbros series 34.5612 ASAHI EXTENSION 165cm, Device Classification Name, wire, guide, catheter 510(k) Number, K101985. Device Name, ASAHI GUIDE WIRE EXTENSION 165CM.

Product Image (125)


Price: 11000 USD ($)/Piece

ASAHI Miracle series ASAHI series 345612 ASAHI Conquest Pro series ASAHI ASAHI RG3 . Asahi tip diameters based on published data information on file at Abbott ASAHI FIELDER XT maintains a softer tip, with . RG3 from Asahi 0.011330 cm

Product Image (930)

Mini Trek Surgical Catheter

Price: 3800 USD ($)/Piece

Leveraging on our extensive market knowledge, we are providing a high quality range of Mini Trek Surgical Catheter. Other Details: Caution carefully read all instructions prior to use Observe all warnings and precautions noted throughout these instructions Failure to do so may result in complications Description the mini trek rx coronary dilatation catheters have an integrated shaft system and a balloon near the distal tip The shaft has a combination of single lumen and dual lumen tubing

Product Image (807)

Heartrail Tiger Kit Guiding Catheter

Price: 3700 USD ($)/Piece

Search ResultsWeb results Heartrail II Guiding Catheter Terumo Europe Heartrail II is developed to maximize your back-up force when using right and left Ikari ... right radial artery Tiger curves are designed to be used for both right and left coronary arteries ... Provides the back up support of a 7 Fr guiding catheter with a 6 Fr system Minimizes ... Radifocus Introducer II Radiopaque Marker Kit C.The predicate device is the Teruino Heartrai III Guiding Catheter cleared under. K092372. ... The HeartrailPm III Guiding Catheter (5Fr.) is operated manually or by a manual process. ... TIGER-MODIFIED ... device-related adverse events) (21 CFR 803); good manufacturing practice requirements as set.

Product Image (127)

Conquest Pro Asahi

Price: 7000 USD ($)/Piece

ASAHI Conquest ASAHI Confianza. ASAHI Conquest Pro series ASAHI Confianza Pro series 912820. ASAHI RG3. EXTENSION 150 cm 165 cm Asahi Conquest Pro Guide Wire

Product Image (126)

Stride WIRE 2.2fr 150CM ASAHI

Price: 16000 USD ($)/Piece

Stride 2.2Fr is designed as a Superelective Micro-catheter which enables approaches to far desired targets. Guide wire support: Stride 2.2Fr reinforces torque transmission of guide wire and STD150-22S0cm, 2cm, 28cm, 0.74mm Asahi Stride Microcatheter consists of catheter soft tip tube and shaft .device is provided in a 2.2 Fr size with lengths ranging from 105 cm to 150 cm

Product Image (8063)

Portex Surgical product

Price: 900 USD ($)/Piece

Sodium Chloride Injection is used to flush intravascular catheters or as a sterile, isotonic single dose ... Pregnancy Category C: Animal reproductive studies have not been conducted with Sodium Chloride Injection USP 0.9%.

Product Image (820)

Progreat Microcatheter

Price: 18000 USD ($)/Piece

Product OverviewPROGREAT Microcatheter - Designed to provide optimal trackability and support even in the most tortuous anatomy Unique Tungsten Coil Layer PTFE Inner Layer Terumo Glide Technology Hydrophilic Coating 2.8Fr, 2.7Fr and 2.4Fr sizes in 110cm, 130cm and 150cm lengths Additional Information:

Product Image (127)

Tornus product

Price: 30000 USD ($)/Piece

The Tornus catheter consists of three parts: the main shaft with surface coating, the polymer sleeve, and the hub connector (Figure 17.1).

Product Image (8031)

Medtronic Guiding Catheter

Price: 3600 USD ($)/Piece

Launcher medetronic 5fr-8fr .071 length-100cm outer diameter-.082 2.08mm inner meter-071 1.80mm Launcher Coronary Guide Catheter. French size (ID): 5F (0.058), 6F (0.071), 7F (0.081), 8F (0.090) ... Sherpa NX Active Coronary Guide Catheter.

Product Image (818)

Perclose ProGlide Ordering

Price: 12000 USD ($)/Piece

Perclose ProGlide Suture-Mediated Closure SystemAbbotts Perclose ProGlide vascular closure device, which offers percutaneous suture-mediated closure, has the broadest indicatio for both femoral arterial .. In this video, the authors demonstrate the Perclose suture mediated closure technique for closure of the femoral artery after transcatheter . Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced market approval for the Abbott Perclose ProGlide Suture-Mediated Closure System, . Perclose ProGlide suture mediated closure is a common technique for the percutaneous delivery of a suture for closing the common femora

Product Image (129)

Pushable Coil

Price: 6600 USD ($)/Piece

Pushable 0.018 and 0.035 Coils oston Scientific products embolization VortX Coils are pushable coils designed to provide compact, complete vascular occlusion and efficient embolization.

Product Image (818)

Fine Cross Micro

Price: 19499 USD ($)/Piece

Consult Terumo Medical s Elemano Brochure brochure on MedicalExpo.(Refer to IFU) Main body 130 g (excluding the battery) Cuff size M Approx.the Terumo ES-H55 doublecuff sphygmomanometer for hospital

Product Image (836)

One Snare

Price: 31999 USD ($)/Piece

One Snare Endovascular Snare System ... Merit Medical Systems, SwiftNINJA Steerable Microcatheter, FDA 510(k) clearance. Technology Catheters

Product Image (825)

Ethicon Harmonic Handpiece Hp054

Price: 75000 USD ($)/Piece

Hand Piece compatible with HAR23, HAR36, HARH23, HARH36, HARH45, HBCO5, HC325, HDHO5 Energy Sealing and Dissectingg

Product Image (8067)

Fogarty Catheter

Price: 2500 USD ($)/Piece

Fogarty arterial embolectomy catheter is a device developed in 1961 by Dr. Thomas J. Fogarty to remove fresh emboli in the arterial system. It consists of a hollow tube with an inflatable balloon attached to its tip. The catheter is inserted into the blood vessel through a clot. 2french-12frenc

Product Image (932)

Glidesheath Slender Introducer Sheath

Price: 1799 USD ($)/Piece

GLIDESHEATH SLENDER Hydrophilic Coated Introducer ...The Glidesheath Slender Sheath is designed with a thin wall structure where the outside diameter is reduced by one French size while the inner-diameter ...

Product Image (8028)

Semi-Floting Pacing

Price: 4850 USD ($)/Piece

Temporary Pacing Electrodes BARD Temporary Pacing Electrode Catheters are designed and built with the quality that has been a BARD trademark for more than 25 years. Their unique construction provides many clinical benefits as outlined below:

Product Image (837)

Quick Core Biopsy Needle

Price: 4400 USD ($)/Piece

Quick Core Biopsy Needle IZI Medical products quick core biopsy needle The lightweight and compact Quick Core Biopsy Needle facilitates one-handed operation during procedures. The precise, rapid-firing mechanism provides an intact ..Quick Core Biopsy Needles Medline Mobile Biopsy Trays Z05 PF58813 Description Design facilitates one-handed operation during procedures Precise, rapid-fi ring mechanism provides intact core tissue sample Beveled point

Product Image (828)

ULTRAPRO Macroporous Partially Absorbable Mesh

Price: 11500 USD ($)/Piece

Search ResultsWeb results Hernia Mesh & Fixation Search | Ethicon Product Center Hernia Mesh & Fixation | J&J Medical DevicesHernia Mesh & Fixation. Ethicon has been pioneering advances in hernia surgery to help restore patients back to their prehernia life.

Product Image (158)

Lipiodol Injection

Price: 16999 USD ($)/Piece

Each milliliter contains 480 mg of iodine organically combined with ethy esters of fatty acids of poppy seed oil. The precise structure of lipiodol is unknown. ethiodized oil injection for patients in the united states. During this ipiodol ultra fluide, ethyl esters of iodized fatty acids of poppy seed oil,.

Product Image (6017)

Chabra Hydrocephalus Shunt System

Price: 4999 USD ($)/Piece

SH-202 Chhabra Hydrocephalus Shunt System VP (Medium SH-202 Chhabra Hydrocephalus Shunt System VP (Medium Pressure) PDFventriculoperitoneal shunt system is determined by...PDFChhabra Hydrocephalus Shunt System is today a widely used low cost system all over the world. It is used in more than 50 countries of all continents.

Product Image (6009)

LT100 Ligating Clip

Price: 6199 USD ($)/Piece

Search Results Web resultsLT100 | Ethicon Ethicon Endo Surgery, LT100 Ligating Clips Ligating Clips. Quick View. Product ... Brand. LIGACLIP. Clip Size. Small. Clips

Product Image (905)

BMW Guide Wire

Price: 2799 USD ($)/Piece

The BALANCE MIDDLEWEIGHT guide wire is designed for kink resistance and durability. The HI TORQUE BALANCE MIDDLEWEIGHT also features moderate support, excellent flexibility, shaping ribbon for easy tip shapeability and excellent torque transmission for outstanding control and steering in challenging anatomy.The HITORQUE BALANCE MIDDLEWEIGHT UNIVERSAL Guide Wire is a front-line guide wire offering a balance of support and flexibility, with enhanced device compatibility, distal access, and tip durability.

Product Image (8006)

Shiley Tracheostomy Tube Cuffed

Price: 2300 USD ($)/Piece

Shiley tracheostomy tubes are the global market-leading line of tracheostomy solutions for clinicians around the world. For more than 40 years, Shiley .Shiley flexible tubes were designed with larger inner diameters, compared to earlier Shiley tracheostomy tubes. Airflow around the outer cannula when the cuff .

Product Image (103)


Price: 8699 USD ($)/Piece

ASAHI Astato XS 20 Vascular PerspectivesAvailable in 180 cm and 300 cm lengths. Product codes: Code, Product. PAGH143092, Astato XS 20 Astato XS 20 0.014 inch Asahi Intecc USAwith Uncoated Distal Tip. Astato XS 20 0.014 inch, 300 cm, PAGH143392, Straight, 300, 0.008 0.014 (0.20 0.36), 17, 17, Hydrophilic with Uncoated Distal Tip

Product Image (908)

Doc Guide Wire Extension

Price: 2700 USD ($)/Piece

Maude adverse event report avtemecula ct doc Gov cfdocs cfmaude detail av temecula-ct doc guide wire extension, back to search results A non abbott guide wire was advanced and placed in the vessel. A 2. 75 x 10 22260 abbott doc guide wire extension: 0. 014 product 1expired 85 abbott 22260 abbott doc guide wire extension: 0. 014/0. 018 x 145cm. Expired abbott guide wires. Sign in to add this product to your favorites

Product Image (8011)

ElectroSurgical Pencils

Price: 500 USD ($)/Piece

The products we procure are of best quality and are as per our detailed guidelines. The entire process is performed under the vigilance of best-trained professionals by using finest quality raw material, latest machines and techniques. We supply all kind of electrosurgical cautery accessories

Product Image (901)

RX Herculink Elite

Price: 28000 USD ($)/Piece

The RX Herculink Elite Renal Stent System is indicated for use in patients with atherosclerotic disease of the renal arteries following sub optimal percutaneous transluminal renal angioplasty PTRA of a de novo or restenotic atherosclerotic lesion 15 mm in length located within 10 mm of the renal ostium and with a reference vessel diameter of 4.0 7.0 mm. Suboptimal

Product Image (102)

Astato XS 40

Price: 8699 USD ($)/Piece

Astato XS 40 0.014 inch - Asahi Intecc USAAstato XS 40 0.014 inch, 200 cm, PAGHW143094, Straight, 200, 0.009/0.014 (0.23/0.36), 17, 17, Hydrophilic with Uncoated Distal Tip. Astato XS 40 0.014 inch, ...

Product Image (903)

BMW Universal 2

Price: 2899 USD ($)/Piece

Under the meticulous supervision of our skilled professionals, we are providing a high quality range of Middleweight Universal Guide Wire.

Product Image (8003)

Covidien Appose Ulc 35 W Skin Stapler

Price: 650 USD ($)/Piece

Skin StaplersSkin Stapler is a subcuticular, interrupted closure modality that is designed to create uniform, symmetric dermis-to-dermis closures. Skin Stapler. Flexibility of movement. Fully Retracting Anvil permits staple release while moving forward

Product Image (904)

All Star PTCA Guide Wire

Price: 2799 USD ($)/Piece

All Star PTCA Guide Wire 190cm abbott Abbott PTCA All Star Guide Wire Buy Ptca Guide Wire at best price of Rs 2700 piece from DRS Health Care. Also find here related product comparison. Additional Information: Production Capacity: long term Delivery Time: 3 4 working days Packaging Details: 5pcs in 1 BOX

Product Image (8004)

Endo GIA Stapler

Price: 8500 USD ($)/Piece

Endo Gia Stapler Endogia Articulating Reload with Tri-Staple technologt 45mm Vascular/medium ref no-EGIA45AVM 1 BOX 6PCS

Product Image (8009)

Covidien Skin Stapler

Price: 390 USD ($)/Piece

Buy Covidien Appose Skin Stapler at best price online in India ...Covidien Appose Disposable Skin Stapler - The staples first penetrate the skin and are then formed, holding the tissue together .

Product Image (911)

Balance Middleweight Universal Guide Wire

Price: 2899 USD ($)/Piece

We are a unique name in the market to provide our respected customers an exclusive range of Balance Middleweight Universal Guide Wire.

Product Image (914)

Xience V Coroner Stent

Price: 23499 USD ($)/Piece

XIENCE V Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System Healthcare Professionals. XIENCE V a DES with superior outcomes that can take your performance to new heights. Abbotts XIENCE V is truly a next generation DES, combining the proven deliverability of the MULTI LINK VISION stent platform with a Multi layer Coating Technology and everolimus to deliver superior outcomes for patients with coronary artery disease CAD.

Product Image (912)

Pilot 150 Guide Wire

Price: 2799 USD ($)/Piece

Guide Wire Components Ability of wire body to follow tip around bends Abbott Tip Stiffness Load Value at 10mm PILOT 50. 1.5g. PILOT 150. 2.7g. PILOT 1010484 H Abbott Hi Torque Pilot 150 Guide Wire: 0.014 x 300cm The HI TORQUE PILOT guide wires are polymer tipped wires with a lubricious

Product Image (8012)

Circular Stapler

Price: 23000 USD ($)/Piece

Circula stapler EEAXL28 Wound Stapler DST Serie EEA Squeeze Handle Titanium Staples 4.8 mm Staples. STAPLER, DST 28 (3/BX). Covidien EEA28

Product Image (8013)

Covidien Hernia Mesh

Price: 1700 USD ($)/Piece

Covidien Hernia Products Available on Smart Medical Buyer Absorba Tack Protack Surgipro Flat Mesh Sheet Parietene Parietex Composite (PCO) Mesh.Rodeheaver is a former consultant of Covidien. 23. Zhao, G. (2009) Open Mesh Techniques for Inguinal Hernia Repair: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled .

Product Image (8014)

Ligasure Surgical product

Price: 28500 USD ($)/Piece

One portfolio of sealer/dividers with many applications to meet your needs in the OR. For specialties including:3 General Urological Vascular Thoracic Gynecological

Product Image (118)

Astato XS 300

Price: 8500 USD ($)/Piece

XS 40 0.014 inch Asahi 300 cm, PAGHW143394, Straight, 300, 0.000.014 0.230.36, 17, 17, Hydrophilic with Uncoated Distal -peripheral XS 20, PAGH143392, Straight, 300cm, 0.200.36mm0.0080.014, Hydrophilic Uncoated Ball Tip 17cm, 20gf, 17cm, 17cm. XS 40, PAGHW143094 Coating Hydrophilic Uncoated Ball Shape: Load: 20gf 40gf

Product Image (8020)

Temporary Pacing Lead Balloon Type

Price: 9800 USD ($)/Piece

Rethinking the Temporary Pacing Lead - Cardiac articles 2018-mar-apr rethinking-the-... Standard temporary pacing leads are used to support patients with transient ... An elastomeric balloon that is mounted asymmetrically on the lead body .

Product Image (113)

Asahi Caravel 150cm

Price: 29999 USD ($)/Piece

ASAHI Carave crossing pro 0.62 mm 1.9 Low ple design to cross microchannels 2 Caravt in a 6Fr guide catheter (0.022inch), 150cm, 85cm . Features 0.014(0.036 mm) guide wire compatible; Hydrophilic coating; 48 mm (0.019") tip entry profile ACT ONE precision braided shaft; 135 cm and 150 cm

Product Image (119)

Gaia Wire Ashai

Price: 7199 USD ($)/Piece

K171933. TradeDevice Name ASAHI PTCA Guide Wires (ASAHI Gaia First, Gaia Second, Gaia ThirdASAHI Fielder XTASAHI Fielder XT-A Fielder XT-R .

Product Image (922)

Cross-IT 100XT

Price: 2800 USD ($)/Piece

Abbott, 1003310H, 0.014, Abbott Hi-Torque Cross It 100XT 46 Additional Details. HI TORQUE CROSS-IT 100XT. Specialty Guide Wire. Tip load: 1.7 g Radiopaque length 3 cm Outside diameter 0.014 Tip Outside Abbott Hi-torque Cross-it 100xt Guide Wire Manufacturer in ab. We are offering HI TORQUE CROSS-IT 100XT Tip load: 1.7 g. Radiopaque length: 3 cm. Outside diameter: 0.014 Tip Outside diameter: 0.010 Coating

Product Image (8018)

Biopsy Gun

Price: 2550 USD ($)/Piece

BIOPSY GUNBiopsy Products Store Online: Buy Biopsy Needles and Gun A range of instruments are used to perform biopsy including forceps, needle holder, protection tube, cannula, aspiration needles, disposable biopsy punch.

Product Image (923)

Pilot 50 Guide Wire

Price: 2800 USD ($)/Piece

With enriched market experience, we have been able to offer a wide spectrum of Pilot 50 Guide Wire. Additional Information Item Code 1010480H

Product Image (8015)

Dissectore System SMSBTOVL

Price: 32499 USD ($)/Piece


Product Image (917)

PTCA Guide MS Wire

Price: 2800 USD ($)/Piece

PTCA refers to angioplasty performed in the coronary arteries, while PTA refers Guide wires come in two basic configurations: Solid steel or nitinol core wire PTCA GUIDE WIRE PILOT 50 ABBOTT PTCA GUIDE WIRE 150 ABBOTT PTCA GUIDE WIRE BMW ABBOTT PTCA GUIDE WIRE FLOPPY II ABBOTT

Product Image (8019)

Temporary Pacing Lead NBIH

Price: 7999 USD ($)/Piece

Temporary Pacing Electrodes Bard has joined BD - C.R. Medical en-US Products Tem... The NBIH and GOETZ catheter lines are ideal for use in the cath lab or the critical care unit when fluoroscopy is available. ... The ZUCKER, MYLER catheters are open-lumen diagnostic pacing catheters useful during right heart procedures and critical care unit monitoring.

Product Image (924)

Supera Peripheral Stent System

Price: 79899 USD ($)/Piece

Examples. NCT03941314

Product Image (123)

Fielder XT-A ASAHI

Price: 7000 USD ($)/Piece

ASAHI INTECC More Detailed Information of Products . A guide wire is knuckled and pushed into a simulated artery but Fielder XT-A Fielder XTA. ACT ONE technology improves tip durability to treat multiple vessel. ASAHI Coronary Guide Wires. INTEGRATION OF 4 CORE PROPRIETARY

Product Image (925)

Xience Pro Coronary Stent

Price: 22999 USD ($)/Piece

XIENCE is the worlds leading drug-eluting stent with an unrivaled safety record. See safety in complex patients & performance compared to other stents. Get answers to common IC questions about XIENCE stent What are the sizes of frequently used XIENCE drug-eluting stents? View ordering information here.

Product Image (926)

Absolute Pro

Price: 43000 USD ($)/Piece

Absolute Pro Peripheral Stent System Abbott cardiovascular FROM ABSOLUTE PRECISION TO ABSOLUTE RESULTS. The flexible Absolute Pro and Absolute Pro LL Vascular Self-Expanding Stent Systems are designed Absolute Pro

Product Image (8021)

Statlock Picc Stablization

Price: 550 USD ($)/Piece

The StatLock PICC Plus Stabilization Device is a post and door design to house the suture wings of virtually all peripherally inserted central catheters(PICCs). Available in adult, pediatric and neonatal sizesStatLock stabilization devices are a more effective alternative to tape in helping improve clinical outcomes, quality of care and economic efficiencies .

Product Image (927)

Omnilink Lliac

Price: 56000 USD ($)/Piece

Omnilink Elite Vascular Balloon Expandable Stent The Omnilink Elite Stent System is indicated for the treatment of atherosclerotic iliac artery lesions with reference vessel diameters of 5.0 mm and 11.0 mm

Product Image (8022)

Bard Biopsy Gun

Price: 2450 USD ($)/Piece

BARD MAX-CORE Disposable Core Biopsy Instrument The convenience of a disposable, the ease of one-handed cocking. Two firing buttons. Compatible with BARD TRUGUIDE Disposable Core Biopsy BARD TRUGUIDE Disposable Coaxial Biopsy Needle For MAX-CORE, MONOPTY, MISSION, MAGNUM, or BIOPTY-CUT Biopsy Devices Bard .Prostate Biopsy.

Product Image (931)

Ultimaster Stent

Price: 31583 USD ($)/Piece

Ultimaster Tansei Drug eluting stent Terumo Europe The Ultimaster coronary stent system Terumo Corporation, Tokyo, Japan represents a new iteration in drug eluting stent Terumo has received the CE mark for its Ultimaster Tansei drug eluting stent. Building on the Ultimaster stent Ultimaster combines an optimal balance between stent design for ultimate conformability with simultaneous polymer resorption and drug release The Ultimaster coronary stent system Terumo Corporation, Tokyo, Japan represents a new iteration in drug eluting stent

Product Image (128)

Miracle 6

Price: 5999 USD ($)/Piece

Miracle family of guide wires, ideal for kit delivery in sub-intimal work, remains a stalwart of the wire escalation with 4 tip load weights 3, 4.5, 6 and 12gf.ASAHI MIRACLEbros. Miracle family of guide wires remains a stalwart of the wire escalation with 4 tip load weights 3, 4.5, 6 and 12gf. the Asahi Intecc product: catheter guidewire Miracle, MIRACLEbros series. ... ASAHI Miracle series

Product Image (8026)

Snare Retrievale Kit

Price: 38999 USD ($)/Piece

BARD Snare Retrieval Kit Bard has joined BD - C.R. en-US Products BARD-Snare-R... Features: Kink resistant nitinol construction; Radiopaque loop for enhanced visibility Marker band for accurate positioning. BARD Snare Retrieval Kit Image ...

Product Image (8027)

Bard Mission

Price: 3800 USD ($)/Piece

Bard Mission Disposable Core Biopsy Instrument - C.R. BardPerform your next mission with the simplicity of semi-automatic firing, the security of visual indicators and the speed that comes from excellent ultrasound visibility .

Product Image (8038)

Aortic Punch

Price: 2500 USD ($)/Piece

THE MEDTRONIC AORTIC PUNCH. Sharp, dual cutting edge for clean, precise removal of aortic tissue. APU535: Medtronic Aortic Punch, Long Handle 3.5mm. Expired Medtronic Miscellaneous. Sign in to add this product to your favorites

Product Image (8029)

Resolute Integrity Coronary Stent

Price: 20999 USD ($)/Piece

Revolutionary stent engineering provides superior deliverability and conformability with enhanced procedural confidence vs. major competitors.

Product Image (802)

35/150 Radifocus Guide Wire

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Piece

Radifocus Guidewire M Standard type is a Nitinol hydrophilic guidewire covered with polyurethane containing tungsten and a hydrophilic polymer coating (M Coat) for complete, low friction maneuverability.

Product Image (803)

CAPIOX RX Oxygenators

Price: 20500 USD ($)/Piece

High flow with low priming volume Terumos exclusive hollow fiber, woven Flexible for every setup

Product Image (8032)

NC Solarice Balloon

Price: 6000 USD ($)/Piece

Coronary Balloons NC Sprinter RX Noncompliant Medtroniccardiovascular Get to know the NC Sprinter coronary balloon dilatation catheter, our solution for controlled expansion and high pressure balloon performance.

Product Image (8033)

Vascular Silicones Ties

Price: 400 USD ($)/Piece

VaVascular Silicone Ties Vascular Silicone Ties DESCRIPTION Blue: Veins Red: Arteries Yellow: Ureters White: Nerves CHARACTERISTICS. Medical grade Silicone Atraumatic oval shape .scular Silicone Ties - Vecmedical

Product Image (8034)

Telescope Extension Catheter

Price: 35000 USD ($)/Piece

Telescope - Guide Extension Catheters Medtronic Launches Telescope Guide Extension Catheter May-2019 The Telescope guide extension catheter combines a solid, round pushwire with a coil-reinforced, hydrophilic-coated distal segment to help .

Product Image (8036)

Medtronic PTFE

Price: 450 USD ($)/Piece

Experience exceptional performance in a nitinol guidewire when you choose Nitrex guidewires.(0.46 mm) diameter Nitrex Nitinol Guidewires are intended for use in the peripheral and coronary vasculature (0.89 mm) diameter Nitrex Nitinol Guidewires are indicated for use in the .

Product Image (809)

Guide Liner V3 Catheter

Price: 24999 USD ($)/Piece

GuideLiner V3 Catheter | Guide Extension US Teleflex The GuideLiner Catheter A Useful Tool in the Armamentarium .As a mother and child system, the GuideLiner catheter Vascular Solutions Inc. Minneapolis, MN, USA provides an extension to the guide catheter with better

Product Image (8037)

Urchin Evo

Price: 64999 USD ($)/Piece

URCHIN EVO Heart positioner HP3500 MEDTRONIC HP3500: Medtronic Urchin Evo Heart Positioner & Canister Tubing. In-Date & Expired Medtronic Vascular Heart. Sign in to add this product to your favorites.

Product Image (8039)

Intracoronary Shunt

Price: 2698 USD ($)/Piece

Shunts typically consist of two catheters and a valve that redirect excess fluid from the brains ventricle to another part of the body. A Medtronic shunt .

Product Image (813)

EV3 Micro Catheter

Price: 38000 USD ($)/Piece

Echelon microcatheter EV3 Which Medical Device These are claimed to have good pushability and trackability. They have a nitinol braded design with varying degrees of flexibility along the .ev3 Marathon Flow Directed Micro Catheter 165cm 1.5F 2 product 0 in date 86 ev3 Developed as an Onyx Delivery Catheter, the Marathon offers the user the lowest available tip profile while providing unmatched burst and tensile strength, 31 Oct 2012 YUMPU automatically turns print PDFs into web optimized ePapers that Google loves.

Product Image (8041)

Blower Mister Kit

Price: 2499 USD ($)/Piece

Search Results Web results Axius Blower Mister - Getinge Axius Blower Mister helps maintain moisture and increases visibility by gently displacing blood with

Product Image (8042)

Tracheostomy Tube Cuffed Medtronic

Price: 2500 USD ($)/Piece

SHILEY TRACHEOSTOMY TUBES, CUFFED WITH INNER CANNULA Tracheostomy Tube Cuffed with Inner Cannula, Fenestrated (FEN) allows for weaning of patient from tube by facilitating upper airway breathing.

Product Image (Eliminate Aspiration Catheter)

Eliminate Aspiration Catheter

Price: 23999 USD ($)/Piece

Dedicated tip design with radiopaque marker Excellent crossability1 while providing atraumatic and effective aspiration Ensures reliable fluoroscopic visibility

Product Image (816)

Ryujin Plus Balloon Catheter

Price: 6499 USD ($)/Piece

Ryujin Plus rapid exchange balloon catheter is intended for use during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) for the purpose of improving myocardial blood flow in the localized stenotic lesion of the coronary arteries. This device is designed for crossing routine lesions without compromising trackability.

Product Image (8043)

Bilvona Silicone Tracheostomy Tube

Price: 7000 USD ($)/Piece

Bivona Tracheostomy Tubes Smiths homecare-for-clinical Individually manufactured silicone tracheostomy tubes for adult, paediatrics and neonatal patients. As patients come in all ages, shapes and sizes.

Product Image (417)

Vascular Ptfe Graft

Price: 22000 USD ($)/Piece

Intergard Woven Thoracic Aortic Graft - GetingeINTERGARD Woven Grafts AMSIntergard Woven Grafts from Maquet - Thailand Medical News INTERGARD Woven grafts limit the velour to the external surface of the graft to enhance secure attachment of perigraft tissue INTERGARD Knitted. Woven Vascular Prosthesis. Collagen Coated; Construction: Woven, External Velour. Features.

Product Image (819)

Tiger Cathter

Price: 950 USD ($)/Piece

An angiographic or diagnostic catheter is intended for use in angiographic procedures. It delivers radiopaque media and therapeutic agents to selected sites in the vascular system. It is also used to lead a guidewire or a catheter into the target site.

Product Image (131)

CLS3 Guiding Catheter

Price: 2.299 USD ($)/Piece
  • Storage Instructions:Normal
  • Quantity:1 Pieces
  • Dosage Guidelines:As per doctor prescribed
  • Dosage:As per doctor prescribed
  • Physical Form:Other
  • Function:Other
  • Drug Type:Other Types
  • Supply Ability:7 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:7 Days
Product Image (8047)

ACT Machine Cartridge

Price: 7800 USD ($)/Piece

Medtronic Act Cartridge 50 pcs in a 1 box ACT PLUS Disposable Test Cartridges 2-Channel Test Cartridges

Product Image (133)

Guidezilla II

Price: 24.000 USD ($)/Piece

Search ResultsWeb results Guidezilla Guide Extension Catheter Boston Scientific GUIDEZILLA Guide Extension Catheter. Enhances access to discrete regions of the coronary vasculature; Facilitates

Product Image (136)

Boston Mustang Dilatation Catheter

Price: 13.500 USD ($)/Piece

Mustang PTA Balloon Dilatation Catheter Boston Scientific Boston Scientific s Mustang Balloon Catheter provides total performance across the board with longer lengths and smaller sheath sizes Data on file PDM 90721880. MUSTANG BALLOON DILATATION CATHETER. CAUTION Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order

Product Image (8054)

Emerald Guidewire 150cm

Price: 1049 USD ($)/Piece

EMERALD Guidewire - CordisThe Cordis EMERALD Guidewire complements our diagnostic catheter and catheter sheath introducer 502521 Cordis EMERALD Guidewire 0.035 x 150cm, 3mm J tip

Product Image (827)

Surgical Fibrillar Ethicon

Price: 30000 USD ($)/Piece

Before using any medical device, review all relevant package inserts with particular attention to the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions, and steps for use of the device(s). We are committed to providing you with the most recent and accurate product information and will update this site on an as needed basis. The images used on the website are for reference only and does not reflects the actual configuration of the product. We do not provide any guarantee as to the accuracy, completeness or suitability of the images shown of the products for any particular purpose. You acknowledge that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Product Image (8059)

Infinity Diagnostic Catheter

Price: 1099 USD ($)/Piece

The Cordis INFINITI 4F, 5F and 6F line of diagnostic catheters is ideal for coronary angioplasty. These catheters incorporate proprietary Vestan Nylon to deliver ...

Product Image (834)

Merit Angioplasty Pack Y- Connector

Price: 1200 USD ($)/Piece

Merit MAP352 Angioplasty Pack, Honor Hemostasis Valve with Metal Guide Wire Insertion Tool, 20 cm Tubing, Stopcock and Torque Device. Box of 25 Kits are available in standard catalog numbers as well as custom kit configurations. Consult your catalog or Merit Medical Customer Service. Representative for ...Missing connector Must include: connector

Product Image (8064)

Portex Percutaneous Dilation

Price: 8000 USD ($)/Piece

The Ultraperc single stage dilation percutaneous tracheostomy kits utilise ... Line Ultra or Blue Line Ultra Suctionaid tracheostomy tubes.

Product Image (8065)

Jelco Disposable Needle 20g

Price: 39 USD ($)/Piece

JELCO NEEDLE 20GJelco IV CATHETERS - 20G x 1-1/4 Jelco IV Catheter - Smiths MedicalJelco and the Smiths Medical and design mark are trademarks of Smiths Medical. ... FEP polymer catheter and V-point needle design allows ... 20G x 45mm

Product Image (145)


Price: 36500 USD ($)/Piece

balloons like MEGA displace more blood in the aorta during volume MEGA 7.5 Fr. 30 cc and 40 cc AB thers now a balloon that delivers use of an Intraortic Balloon Pump is an effective way to help the heart do its work.The larger volume MEGA 30cc, 40cc and 50cc balloons offer greater support whenMEGA 7.5Fr. 30cc Balloon Catheter, Insertion Kit Two STATLOCKABs.An example of an intraaortic balloon pump IABP from

Product Image (8068)


Price: 699 USD ($)/Piece

The standard PTCA Kit mainly contains high pressure tubing (50 cm), IV set (vented & non-vented), blunt needle, haemostatic Y connector

Product Image (8071)

Introducer Needle Surgical product

Price: 64 USD ($)/Piece

Find here online price details of companies selling Introducer Needle. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Introducer Needle for buying in Introducer Needles. Spinal introducer needles allow for easy insertion of the spinal needle and provide additional support

Product Image (839)

Pigtel Catheter

Price: 1650 USD ($)/Piece

ir duanp webds Used for percutaneous external drainage in multiple drainage applications e.g., nephrostomy, abscess drainage, and other abdominal cavity drainage

Product Image (6004)

BD Spinal Needle

Price: 1600 USD ($)/Piece

Spinal Needles BDBD Whitacre spinal needle. Catalog 405138. Do you like this? Share it: Add This Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to LinkedIn BD Anesthesia Systems Catalogue05062. 18G Pink (use with 22G Needles and 24G Needles). BD Short Spinal Needle, Sterile, Single Use. 405073. 25G 1 Blue Neonatal Lumbar Puncture.

Product Image (6001)

Evolution Esophageal Stent System

Price: 45000 USD ($)/Piece

Evolution Esophageal Controlled-Release Stent Cook esc_evo_fc_e_webds Used to maintain patency of malignant esophageal strictures and or to seal tracheoesophageal fistulas. This product line is serviced by the following clinical

Product Image (6002)

BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles

Price: 750 USD ($)/Piece

Search ResultsWeb results BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles - BDBD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles are available in 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and 12.7 mm lengths. The 1 selling pen needle brand. BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles BD Veo insulin syringes feature the shortest BD Ultra-Fine needle, 53% shorter than the 12.7mm needle. Preferred by most patients over their current needle length, BD Veo insulin syringes provide approximately 8x-lower risk of intramuscular injection compared to a 12.7-mm needle .

Product Image (6006)

Swan Ganz Catheter Kit

Price: 5400 USD ($)/Piece

Swan-Ganz thermodilution catheters come with a variety of stiffness characteristics, tip shapes and infusion port options providing comprehensive choices in

Product Image (149)

Trach Vent

Price: 250 USD ($)/Piece

trach vent HME heat and moisture exchanger for spontaneously breathing individuals with a tracheostomy Additional Information Item Code HUDSONRCITELEFLEX Production Capacity 1 kg Delivery Time same day Packaging Details 1 kg per box

Product Image (6006)

Accura Balloon Catheter PTMC Balloon

Price: 62000 USD ($)/Piece

Accura: Accura Balloon Catheter PTMC BALLOON The Accura Double Lumen PTMC balloon dilation catheter has a 11 F, 80 cm shaft and a three stage expandable balloon The balloon is well designed for the safe and optimal expansion of the mitral valve Catheter tip design ensures rapid and smooth entry into the mitral valve Balloon design ensures rapid inflation and deflation Optimum compliance of the balloon material ensures even dilation of the mitral valve The Accura Balloon is a dual lumen balloon and does not have a vent tube No hole on the outside of the balloon ensures no seepage of blood when balloon is fully expanded

Product Image (916)

Garftmaster Coronary Stent

Price: 8500 USD ($)/Piece

The GRAFTMASTER RX is indicated for use in the treatment of free perforations, defined as free contrast extravasation into the pericardium, in native coronary vessels or saphenous vein bypass grafts 2.75 mm in diameter. The effectiveness of this device for this use has not been demonstrated. Long-term outcome for this permanent implant is unknown at present.

Product Image (920)

Iron Man PTCA Wire

Price: 3899 USD ($)/Piece

Explore Abbott s growing portfolio of Workhorse and Specialty guide wires HT IRON MAN, 1001309, Straight, 190, of balloon dilatation catheters during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) and Do not withdraw or manipulate the hydrophilic-coated wire in a metal cannula or sharp-edged object.

Product Image (8007)

Covidien Circular Stapler

Price: 19500 USD ($)/Piece

Circular stapler eea25 - covidien eea auto suture . Covidien: eea28. Covidien eea auto suture stapler: gray circular stapler with dst series technology 28mm - 4. 8mm.

Product Image (8001)

EGIA60AMT Covidien Endo Gia Stapler

Price: 11500 USD ($)/Piece

Search ResultsWeb results Endo GIA Reinforced Reload with Tri-Staple - Medtroniche Endo GIA reinforced reload is the only stapler with preloaded

Product Image (8002)

Covidien Surgical Stapler GIA 10048

Price: 16500 USD ($)/Piece

Search ResultsWeb results DST Series TA Reloadable Staplers Product Support ...Find in-service videos, product guides and manuals, FAQs, and other product training support for DST Series TA single use reloadable staplers.

Product Image (906)

Abbott NC Trek Balloon

Price: 3800 USD ($)/Piece

Introducing NC TREK, the continuation of the TREK family of balloons designed to deliver in challenging cases. Characteristics Application dilatation Area of the body coronary Options balloon

Product Image (104)

Asahi Sion Blue ES Guide Wire

Price: 5300 USD ($)/Piece

ASAHI SION blue ES More Detailed Information of Products | ASAHI INTECC CO. LTD. Well balanced reinforced shaft enhances guide catheter support during device delivery. Usable as a frontline guide wire with easy control for branch selection and minimal loss of steerability in tortuous vessels

Product Image (106)

Fabuki Long Sheath

Price: 15500 USD ($)/Piece

ASAHI FUBUKILong Sheath Asahi Intecc Medical product asahfu ASAHI FUBUKI Long Sheath Flexibility Soft tip and flexible distal shaft minimize vessel injury Pushability Wellbalanced shaft with increased rigidity

Product Image (116)

Suoh Wire

Price: 10499 USD ($)/Piece

asahi suoh 03ASAHI SUOH 03 Vascular PerspectivesFeatures 0.014 guide wire0.3 gf tip load 52 cm hydrophilic coating coated with SLIPCOAT coating 19 cm spring coil 3 cm radiopaque segment .

Product Image (117)

Chikai Guide wire

Price: 13000 USD ($)/Piece

ASAHI CHIKAI FamMore Detailed Information of chikai INRInterventional Neuroradiology ASAHI CHIKAI family of guide wires has been originally developed based on Asahi Intecnique set of technologies which

Product Image (8017)

Ultraverse PTA Dilatation

Price: 15999 USD ($)/Piece

Ultraverse 035 pta dilatation catheter: 3mm x 20mm, 21 atm rbp balloon on 75 cm long catheter. balloon diameter (mm), 3. Catheter length (cm), 150. Sheath size (f), 4. Units/each, 1. U41501h4. Product item name, ultraverse 014 pta dilatation catheter. balloon diameter (mm) .

Product Image (127)

Sion Black Frontline Guide Wire

Price: 5799 USD ($)/Piece

Frontline guide wire with a polymer jacket designed to retain flexibility while crossing high resistance stenosis and vessels.Features 0.014 Guide wire 0.8gf Tip load 1:1 Torque 40cm Hydrophilic coating 20cm Polymer jacket 12cm Spring coil length 3cm Radiopaque segment Available in 190cm and 300cm lengths

Product Image (8024)

Bard Mesh

Price: 3800 USD ($)/Piece

Bard Mesh - With more than 50 years of clinical experience, Bard Mesh is the Gold Standard product to be used in a tension-free hernia repair technique.

Product Image (801)


Price: 6899 USD ($)/Piece

Accuforce. Non compliant PTCA balloon catheter Terumo. Equipment BALLOONS PTCA balloons Terumo Videos with Accuforce Accuforce. PTCA Balloons NC. Cardio Week PCI. 11.08.2015 Daniella IS 4250 Terumo confidential use for internal training only

Product Image (8053)

Cordis Vista Brite Tip Guiding Catheters

Price: 3300 USD ($)/Piece

Indications The guiding catheter is intended for use for intravascular introduction of interventional/diagnostic devices into the coronary or peripheral vascular systems. Contraindications None known for guiding catheters. Warnings

Product Image (8045)

Export Aspiration Catheter

Price: 16000 USD ($)/Piece

Superior Deliverability and Kink Resistance The Export Advance aspiration catheter is stylet-based, enhancing stiffness in the shaft during catheter delivery and boosting kink resistance, trackability and pushability

Product Image (129)

Maverick Boston Balloons Catheter

Price: 4200 USD ($)/Piece

The QUANTUM MAVERICK Balloon Catheter provides a unique balance of dilatation force and exceptional deliverability to meet the needs of the interventional cardiologist in the drugeluting world. Two high performance technologies QUANTUM LEAP Balloon Material and our

Product Image (8040)

PTCA Balloon NC Sprinter

Price: 5499 USD ($)/Piece

Noncompliant Balloon Dilatation Catheter -NC SprinterIndications, safety, and warnings for Medtronic PTCA catheters. ... Balloon Dilatation Catheter. NC Sprinter RX Noncompliant Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Product Image (814)

Runthrough NS Extra Floppy Guide Wire

Price: 4100 USD ($)/Piece

Product OverviewDesigned to be your first choice coronary guidewire The RUNTHROUGH NS Extra Floppy is designed to be an all-in-one workhorse wire with a soft, atraumatic, low tip weight wire that can be used to access most everyday and complex lesions.

Product Image (8044)


Price: 3000 USD ($)/Piece

CLOSUREFAST 7Fr (2.3mm) Endovenou Radiofrequency Abation (RFA) Cathlab

Product Image (821)

Glidecath product

Price: 3300 USD ($)/Piece

GLIDECATH Hydrophilic Coated Catheters Your first choice peripheral ... Provides excellent trackability and torque control with 5 Fr ... Sim 1, CG401. GLIDECATH Hydrophilic Coated Catheters - Your first choice peripheral ... Multipurpose (MP). JB1. Angle (4 Fr) Angle taper (5 Fr). Simmons 1 (Sim 1). JB2.GLIDECATH Hydrophilic Coated Catheters Your first choice peripheral hydrophilic catheter for unrivaled ... GLIDECATH 4FR Product SKUs ... Sim 1,

Product Image (819)

Tazuna PTCA Balloon Catheter

Price: 6600 USD ($)/Piece

Tazuna rapid exchange PTCA balloon catheter is intended for use during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) for the purpose of improving myocardial blood flow in a localized stenotic lesion of the coronary arteries.

Product Image (8048)

Actalyke ACT Cartridge

Price: 5499 USD ($)/Piece

Search ResultsWeb results Actalyke ACT - Helena LaboratoriesActaluke Act Cartridge Activated Clotting Time Test System .The Actalyke Activated Clotting Time test system takes a bold step forward in the management of heparin anticoagulation.

Product Image (834)

PTCA Balloon Newtech

Price: 5200 USD ($)/Piece

Newtech Clearline NC Non Compliant PTCA Balloon at ...PTCA Balloon, Disposable Catheter, Single Use Catheter ...PTCA Balloon, Disposable Catheter, Single Use Catheter NEWTECH. DEVICES. CE Certified Company. MEDICAL. TM. FROM INDIGENOUS IDEAS TO NEWTECH SOLUTIONS. ClearLine. PTCA Balloon Catheter Newtech PTCA Balloon Catheter (CLEARLINE) - Medic-Kart

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Linear Cutter Reloads

Price: 3500 USD ($)/Piece

Endoscopic linear cutter reloads ensure stable performance during firing, optimal staple formation to be easier passing the Narrow tissue gap with the extra thinanvi. Control consistently the parallel clamping force. Reduce tissue damage in second time closure.

Product Image (8055)

Guiding Catheter 5F XB 3.5LBT

Price: 3300 USD ($)/Piece

Cordis VISTA BRITE TIP Cardinal Health Englishh PDF... BRITE TIP. Guiding Catheter Designed for support and performance ... SM7752. XB 3.5 LBT. Long VISTA BRITE TIP 120 cm. SM7400. XB 3.5. 125 cm.

Product Image (138)

Choice Pt Wire

Price: 3600 USD ($)/Piece

CHOICE PT Floppy Guide Wire - Boston ScientificCHOICE PT Floppy Guidewire. Combines a hydrophilic-coated polymer sleeve with an intermediate tip and flexible body CHOICE PT Extra Support Guide Wire Indications, Safety Boston Scientific ChoICE, ChoICE PT, Luge, Mailman and PT Graphix Carefully check and match therapeutic device compatibility to the wire prior ChoICE PT wire for recanalization of chronically occluded

Product Image (828)

Linear Stapler Reload

Price: 5500 USD ($)/Piece

Ethicon Linear Cutter Reloads. Quick View. Product Category. Surgical Stapling. Product Group. Linear Cutter. Device image. Additional Specifications. SR75 Product Group. Linear Cutter Additional Specifications. Description. 75mm Selectable Reload. Brand. Ethicon. Staple Technology. 3D. Device Technology.Black Plastic Johnson And Johnson SR75 Linear Cutter Linear Stapler Superior staple form in thick tissue compared to any other leading brand of open linear cutter 51% fewer malformed staples than comparator linear cutter Ethicon Linear Cutter Reload Selectable 75 mm SR75 reloa... Product Name, Ethicon Linear Cutter Reload - Selectable 75 mm SR75 - Each. Manufacturer, Ethicon. Mfg. Catalog SR75. SKU, sr75

Product Image (833)

Pericardiocentesis Kit

Price: 15000 USD ($)/Piece

Pericardiocentesis Kit Merit Vascular Cardiac Product Catalog Central Venous Catheters Diagnostic Cardiology Catheters. For additional safety when confirming catheter placement, the catheter shaft incorporates a radiopaque marker band. Documents. New MERIT MEDICAL PC101 Pericardiocentesis Kit, High Flow Pigtail Catheter, 6F X Disposables General For Sale DOT med Listing 3425721 MERIT 120.00 In stockPC101 KIT PERICARDIOCENTESIS 6FR PROCEDURE HIGH FLOW PIGTAIL EA 1 ... For additional safety when confirming catheter placement, the catheter shaft incorporates a radiopaque ... Manufacturer MERIT MEDICAL SYSTEMS. edit PC101 Merit Pericardiocentesis Kit 6F High Flow Pigtail Catheter. Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Product Image (148)

Hem O Lock Clip 544250

Price: 16499 USD ($)/Piece

Weck Hem olok Polymer Ligating ClipsWe have all types of Teleflex Hem-o-lok Ligation Clips. Code - 544230, 544240, 544250 ect. Per box contain 6 clips PerItem Code: 544240Production Capacity: 1000 Teleflex Medical 544250 - McKesson

Product Image (150)

Horizon Blue Ligating Clips

Price: 10999 USD ($)/Piece

Catalog 002204 Horizon Titanium Ligating Clips. Description Medium, 24 clips cartridge, 25 cartridges box. Tap to Zoom Sr 002204. Wholesale Trader of TELEFLEX Horizon Ligating Clips Red , Lok Clips Teleflex, Legating Clips

Product Image (6008)

Hem-O-Lok Clip Green

Price: 15999 USD ($)/Piece

LIGATION SYSTEMS Weck Hem-o-lok Polymer Ligation ...Weck Hem-o-lok Non-absorbable Polymer Locking Clips provide cool secure ligation; clip locks onto the vessel. The Weck Hem-o-lok system is available ...

Product Image (153)

Horizon Yellow Ligating Clips

Price: 10999 USD ($)/Piece

Catalog 001204 Horizon Titanium Ligating Clips. Description: Small, 24 clips cartridge, 25 cartridges box. Tap to Zoom Sr 001204 Horizon and Hemoclip Metal Ligation Systems satisfy your need for a ligation system designed for clip security secure in the applier, locked onto the 001204.

Product Image (811)

Angio Seal Vip

Price: 6900 USD ($)/Piece

ANGIO SEAL VIP Vascular Closure Device Terumo .ANGIO SEAL Vascular Closure Devices Active closure for rapid and reliable hemostasis proven to accelerate patient mobility and enable same day discharge Angio-seal is a medical device indicated for use in closing and reducing time to hemostasis at the femoral arterial puncture site in patients who have undergone.


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